Strengthening Leadership

Creating authentic role-models

We are all naturally creative, resourceful and whole; we have the capacity to deal with anything – we are adaptable.

Our leadership development coaching is based on this fundamental premise. We help your leaders to do the jobs they are very capable of, in a way that works best for them – not just because that’s how it’s always been done. In disrupting the traditional idea of what a leadership job should look like, we encourage them to find their own values as authentic leader.

In valuing authenticity instead of imitation, you will also create a diverse team and in the process strengthen the leadership of your organisation.

Challenging assumptions

Leaders are not immune to vulnerability. Our consultants are known for their empathy and ability to create an environment where vulnerabilities can be aired, and the root of the issue tackled head on. Through one-to-one coaching, we work with leaders so they can excel at what they do and progress their career according to their unique capabilities.

When things have veered off track we need to ask how we get it more right?

When leaders are performing well our focus must be on fulfilling the unique potential of that leader.

Supported with assessment and profiling tools to analyse emotional intelligence, critical thinking, leadership focus and leadership strengths our coaching programmes support leaders to:

  • Strengthen and develop leadership skills
  • Achieve peak performance in an existing role
  • Engage employees, build teams and set a direction
  • Transition to a new role, embark on a new challenge or take on a new project
  • Gain a deeper understanding of leadership style, their potential and how to harness it.

With our support, leaders can uncover and overcome limiting beliefs and hone in on what they want and are capable of. We help them find a way to achieve their full potential whilst being authentic and without compromising other important parts of their life.

Please feel free to contact us to discover more or to speak directly to Helen Croft who leads this area of expertise