Director Development

The skills you need to exceed expectations as a Director

A personalised approach to help you raise your profile in the right circles, to get results and ultimately to achieve your business goals

Helping you to get ahead and stay ahead

Our clients consistently tell us that their next level of Leaders, their Director population is ‘not quite ready’ to step up, that they need to ‘Raise their profile’.

Our Director development coaching and mentoring is all about you demonstrating that you are ready for a top-level management role.  We tailor material to suit each client but essentially, we work with aspiring and new Directors to produce strategies to raise their profile within their organisational context and to step up.

“Life when you have been coached by The Results Centre is always about stretching for that next goal, never being comfortable with what you have, trying something different, not being afraid of failure and ultimately being brave.”

Nick Buckingham, Managing Director at Colt International Ltd, UK

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