Advancing with Introversion

A tailored coaching programme supporting introverted senior leaders and heads-of to break down the barriers to business facing and executive leadership roles.

For colleagues who are brilliant at what they do but struggling to get traction for the bigger leadership jobs – or even just to get heard and recognised.


This programme is not about “fixing” introversion. It focusses on bringing a mutual understanding of what introversion means for this person and how to achieve full potential without adopting unnatural behaviours.

By gaining clarity about the desired outcomes and using insights in to personal behavioural traits and strengths, we create a development plan tailored to the individual. Our approach is to encourage full engagement with key stakeholders at work to ensure the progression is collaborative and balanced.

Some of the issues potential programme participants may be facing:

Feeling they are not listened to, that their contribution is not valued

“Performing” a role and feeling uncomfortable in their own skin at work

A sense that they are stuck, that progression beyond their domain of expertise is out of reach

Frustration that their insights and contribution are not having the impact they should

Believing their performance is less than what is expected of a leader at their level

Outcomes for Individuals

Trust themselves to get the outcomes they want in their own way

Able to step out of their comfort zone when needed

Leading their team in their own style

Feeling energised and excited about their career potential

Achieving recognition and progression

Seeing more possibilities for their future; believing there are fewer limitations and barriers to achieving the future they want at work.

Confidence and credibility to influence key stakeholders – and have their ideas and contributions heard

Business benefits

Improved progression and retention of your functional and technical experts into business leadership roles.

Creation of inspiring role models

Bringing diversity of thought and contribution to the leadership team

Encouraging different ways of working – and different styles of leadership

Programme Approach

  • One to one coaching (face to face or via video conferencing)
  • Facilitation of Hogan Leadership Development profile (looking at Motives, Values & Preferences, Personality Characteristics, Risks of Derailment)
  • 360 Feedback
  • Building a leadership strengths profile
  • Mapping development to existing and/or anticipated future role
  • Guided exercises and self-reflection
  • Intra-session support via email and telephone throughout the 6 months

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