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Mental health matters in business as in life. The facts speak for themselves:

·         UK businesses lose an estimated £30bn to mental health illnesses annually

·         At least 1 in 4 adults will experience mental health difficulties in any one year

·         Mental health is the second biggest burden of disease in the UK, costing companies millions of lost work hours

And it’s a growing problem, impacting on productivity and profit as well as morale and motivation. That’s why every organisation needs to build in a strategy for identifying and dealing with issues around mental health in the workplace.

Physical ailments and illnesses are a major cause of employee absence. Many of these physical ailments are triggered or exacerbated by poor mental health. However, they can be difficult to spot. Unlike most physical illnesses, the signs of poor mental health aren’t always visible. You may work closely alongside someone for years but be totally unaware that they have a debilitating mental or psychological condition. So, supporting and valuing good mental health within your organisation is crucial to wellbeing and performance.

Mental Health First Aid and Awareness training

Research has shown the demonstrable benefits of putting proactive measures in place to raise and support good mental health.

Our Mental Health First Aid and Awareness training is designed to help employers and their teams to recognise when a colleague is in crisis or distress, equipping them with the knowledge of when and how to intervene.  Our programmes help participants understand how to support colleagues by signposting them to appropriate help, as well as assisting them on the journey of recovery, wellbeing and mental fitness.

We can help you!

Introducing your mental health awareness expert

The Results Centre’s bespoke mental health training and awareness programmes are developed and delivered by Julia Hepworth. One of the Results Centre’s team of development leaders, Julia is licensed to facilitate and train the half and two-day certificated Mental Health First Aid Course (Mental Health England) either online or face to face.

Please see our People Development Page and or Click On Mental Health Certification (Mental Health England) or Mental Health Awareness Workshops for more details 

To discuss your training needs around mental health awareness and support  please email today

Julia is an exceptional professional coach and mentor. Her style is very professional, relaxed, and informal. She challenges you to help you take the right steps to maximize your personal and professional development. She helps you to develop different approaches to come up with the right outcomes for you.

She has a rare gift of asking the most insightful questions to encourage you to dig deep, explore previous experiences, and revisit your personal values to create your own outcomes. The real benefit of working with Julia is that she fires you up to be incredibly committed to the actions agreed together. She leaves you equipped with the skills to be more self-aware and courageous in any situation.

Keith Mitchell, Partner – Managed Services EY

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