Why Hogan?

We use Hogan Reports as tools to support our coaching because the reporting is underpinned by scientific modelling, best practice and provide actionable insights. Hogan also continuously develop their reporting, using real-world data to calibrate and improve the insights they provide.

The reports support coaching to:

  • develop your talent
  • improve retention
  • increase productivity
  • evaluate leadership potential
  • support effective hiring
  • raise self-awareness
  • identify potential resistance to change and encourage different behaviour

Deeper quality coaching

Effective coaching can depend on the self-awareness and transparency of the coachee, but with Hogan Reports we efficiently identify a baseline and coaching time can focus on a plan of action. The means of evaluation is also consistent across your organisation, so factors like openness to coaching or rapport with a coach have less impact on the results.


Who would benefit?

Businesses with a keen focus on succession planning, leadership development and change often use Hogan assessments in combination with coaching to ensure results. Whether it is changing roles, improving key relationships, or changing behaviour, leadership development coaching can help.

Companies that thrive are often those most adaptable to change, but you can only change as quickly as your team. Hogan Reports identify potential barriers to change before they happen and enable planning a different pattern of behaviour while raising self-awareness.

Hogan reports are trusted by 75% of the Fortune 500, including Microsoft, Intel, Dell, McDonald’s, Nike and Coco-Cola, HSBC.


Helen Croft is Hogan Certified and experienced in using the Hogan tools. Hogan Assessments are used to accelerate self-awareness and uncover potential career derailers.

Hogan answers a range of questions related to leadership strengths and weaknesses, reputation, preferred work settings and, unlike other profiling tools – underlying derailers. It’s focus on reputation rather that self-perception, which shifts coaching to where there is actual impact. Undertaking the assessment myself was a confronting but pivotal experience. I believe the insights I gained will continue to guide and influence me for the rest of my career.

Helen Croft – Development Leader

The Process

Using the:

  • Hogan Personality Inventory (HPI)
  • Hogan Development Survey (HDS)
  • Motives, Values, Preferences Inventory (MVPI)

we facilitate the assessment and deliver two initial coaching sessions to interpret results, identify development goals and design development plans. Ongoing coaching support can be provided throughout the program to complement internal development/support.

PLEASE contact us to find out about more about Hogan Assessments and how they can bring your coaching to life.

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