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Be The Best Leader you can BE in 2016

Our top 5 leadership tips… Inspirational leaders deliver 10-30% increased productivity* – how about investing in your own leadership skills in 2016? The Strengths of Great leaders are characterised by their ability to reflect and grow   Ask yourself, ‘Do the following appear in my top 10 key leadership strengths?’  1  Open mindedness. Collaborate with your teams, listen to new … Continue reading Be The Best Leader you can BE in 2016

101 Days to Succeed

How can you make a powerful impression in your new role within the chemical industry? Alan Denton, MD of The Results Centre explains the impact possible in the first 101 days. View Article

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Waiting for a guide – Pharma Field Magazine

This is a time of upheaval in the pharmaceutical industry – and whether its NHS reform, redundancies or a merger, transition brings challenges. Helen Croft and Agnes Bamford look at the impact of transition in the workplace and how to manage it View Article

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