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Ban the Elevator Pitch

I don’t understand the elevator pitch. I don’t understand how anyone attending a networking event can be anything but distracted by having a short and rehearsed speech prepared about themselves dancing around their head? Is it me? When I see people honestly connecting at networking events, it is because they are engaged in a conversation … Continue reading Ban the Elevator Pitch

Speak to inspire

Whether you relish or loath the opportunity, as a leader you will often be required to make speeches. No matter what your audience, a strong speech must have the right structure, timing, and key messages. Here are The Results Centre’s key tips for speaking to inspire… Make a point – Keep in mind that your speech … Continue reading Speak to inspire

To network or not to network?

Networking is rather like Marmite – you either love it or loathe it.  However, whilst it causes fear and panic for many, networking is an extremely valuable tool for businesses.  A recent study has found the following reasons that most entrepreneurs still dread the networking event. Lack of confidence One of the most popular causes … Continue reading To network or not to network?