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How do you define Leadership?

I get asked this question daily. Leadership is open to widely different interpretations and full of confusing ideas and terminology. The descriptions, definitions and examples of leadership vary enormously. We lead when we are first given a supervisory role at work, a monarch and president are both leaders. We lead our own children in rights … Continue reading How do you define Leadership?

What’s holding you back?

Fear is a choice. Contrary to popular belief, it’s not something you have to suffer and do nothing about – it can be embraced and directed towards achieving amazing results! Do you ever find that fear holds you back when making an important, perhaps even business-breaking decision? Do you find fear preventing you from going … Continue reading What’s holding you back?

Onboarding – how to succeed

A Heidrick & Struggles study of 20,000 executives found that 40% of those hired at senior level left 18 months later. If the first 101 days in a new role determines long-term performance, what makes them successful? Understanding what positively impacts the first three months – or 101 days – in role sets the barometer … Continue reading Onboarding – how to succeed

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