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Rachel Halsall from TRC speaks at the Birmingham Chamber

Rachel Halsall will join Rachel Donath of leading law firm Mills and Reeve this Thursday the 6th April 2017 to talk about career development and more! To book your place please visit:

Trade Secretary Liam Fox call Britain’s bosses ‘too lazy and fat’

The recent story of Trade Secretary, Liam Fox, biting the hand of those he needs support from is, to say the least, interesting. His assertion that Britain’s business leaders are either too ‘fat’ or ‘playing golf on a Friday to export’ has rankled with many of our clients. What was he thinking …..? Given the … Continue reading Trade Secretary Liam Fox call Britain’s bosses ‘too lazy and fat’

How do you define Leadership?

I get asked this question daily. Leadership is open to widely different interpretations and full of confusing ideas and terminology. The descriptions, definitions and examples of leadership vary enormously. We lead when we are first given a supervisory role at work, a monarch and president are both leaders. We lead our own children in rights … Continue reading How do you define Leadership?

Be The Best Leader you can BE in 2016

Our top 5 leadership tips… Inspirational leaders deliver 10-30% increased productivity* – how about investing in your own leadership skills in 2016? The Strengths of Great leaders are characterised by their ability to reflect and grow   Ask yourself, ‘Do the following appear in my top 10 key leadership strengths?’  1  Open mindedness. Collaborate with your teams, listen to new … Continue reading Be The Best Leader you can BE in 2016

It’s lonely at the top

Isolation can be a problem for many CEOs and senior staff. Here, Alan Denton discusses the importance of challenge and feedback. With the gloom of recession receding, it would be logical to assume that many CEOs and directors are enjoying a sense of relief – even euphoria – at having survived the downturn and leading their … Continue reading It’s lonely at the top