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Finding your own way

Some years ago we worked with a client who was headhunted by a major retailer.  For the sake of this example, let’s call her Helen. She joined the company in a major role in retail operations. Having already had experience of executive coaching in her previous company, took us with her to support and challenge … Continue reading Finding your own way

Making an organisation great

The great organisations give space, support and a framework for success that is clear – this is not the soft option or approach – many people, as you may have experienced, see the setting and managing of clear frameworks more difficult that just letting people succeed or fail on their own account. The number of … Continue reading Making an organisation great

The flaws of recruitment

In today’s modern world most recruitment is thorough but, I would argue, fatally flawed. Too much effort is put into the ‘process’ of recruitment and precious little focus is put on the support mechanism, an appropriate induction, under development of a clear vision and strategy that is focused on a high degree of certainty for … Continue reading The flaws of recruitment