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Julia Hepworth introduces Mental Health Training to The Results Centre

In the UK 1 in 4 people will experience some form of mental health issue in any given year. Being mental health aware as an organisation or employer, displays your recognition of the importance of your employee’s well being. It can increase teamwork, communication, reduce sickness/absence, lower staff turnover and in turn reduce recruitment and … Continue reading Julia Hepworth introduces Mental Health Training to The Results Centre

What Can Coaching Do For You?

In the seventeenth century, the French statesman Cardinal Richelieu relied heavily on the advice of Father François Leclerc du Tremblay, known as France’s ‘éminence grise’ for his grey monk’s habit. Like the famous cardinal, today’s business leaders have their grey eminences. To understand what they do to merit that money, the Harvard Business Review conducted … Continue reading What Can Coaching Do For You?

Headless Chickens Abound!

I remember the client case we took on in 2010 when a new hire was four months into his tenure in a very high profile role where delivery was paramount. We’d been brought in as a last ditch attempt to prevent him being fired and the merry-go-round of re-recruitment starting up again at great expense. … Continue reading Headless Chickens Abound!

Adding Charisma to a Leader!

Not all leaders are charismatic but a great leader needs to have a powerful presence and having charisma certainly helps. Alan Denton is a business coach, working with executives in all fields to help them find their inner leader; here are his tips to become a more charismatic leader in the work place. Be passionate … Continue reading Adding Charisma to a Leader!

Recruitment is Fatally Flawed …

Go on … Prove yourself during the ‘Honeymoon’ In most walks of life there is a ‘honeymoon’ period and, for many years, new leaders and senior executives have had their ‘First three months’. Pressure to deliver in today’s business environment may well have changed this. Newly elected presidents, prime ministers, leaders in business and senior executives … Continue reading Recruitment is Fatally Flawed …