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Ban the Elevator Pitch

I don’t understand the elevator pitch. I don’t understand how anyone attending a networking event can be anything but distracted by having a short and rehearsed speech prepared about themselves dancing around their head? Is it me? When I see people honestly connecting at networking events, it is because they are engaged in a conversation that is not necessarily about either of them but about something of common interest.

In my consistent experience, when clients own how they are feeling about the event and talk to another human being honestly and with interest in the response, a connection and conversation happens naturally. If you are able to build rapport and beyond this, an ongoing relationship – we can get to the ‘This is how I may be able to help you” later on.

I appreciate that when you are starting out in your career, it is helpful to be able to articulate some information about yourself and your interests in case asked but beyond that, events, conversations and life in general is simply more interesting and enjoyable if we ENGAGE and LISTEN to our conversation partner without having a speech prepared. Let us therefore BAN THE ELEVATOR PITCH! Let’s throw this in room 101 and no longer worry about it

About the author:

Rachel Halsall is an Executive Coach and Facilitator. Rachel has a direct and punchy coaching style which has served her well working with senior leaders & teams across sectors. The majority of Rachel’s work focuses on communication, career transition and enhancing management skills. She speaks regularly to groups & provides training in networking skills as well as how to communicate succinctly and raise your profile.

Rachel is an ICF accredited coach. She is certified in Myers-Briggs Step I and has a Certificate in Systemic Team Coaching from the Academy of Executive Coaching.