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Seeing things differently in 2017

Often when we see a thing from a different angle, we see it in a whole new way. The disruption of turning our world upside down gives us a fresh perspective on a problem that may have been causing us sleepless nights or an opportunity that we couldn’t see for looking.

The Results Centre have developed a number of ways to give clients new levels of clarity. Here are the most popular reasons that clients come to us to deliver the change that delivers the results they are looking for.

  1. Engage people

Performance growth, managing change and achieving success comes from your people.  Engaging your staff on your journey brings organic positive change for results.

You’ll learn the eight essentials of effective staff engagement, how to approach it in your organisation and take away a toolkit to support your organisation achieve great engagement results.


By understanding proven neuro-science techniques, you will equipped with ways to manage positive change and growth.  With engaged staff, you will also uncover ways to improve performance.

  1. Create an amazing place to work

Companies, big or small, succeed or fail by what they deliver and that delivery is often down to the workforce they select, employ, nurture and motivate.

Creating and nurturing the right workplace design is fundamental to commercial advantage. Employees form the core for building a workplace for the future. Creating the right organisational blueprint is fundamental to productivity, performance and staff retention.

You’ll learn how to create a workplace that’s fit for the future and delivers amazing results.


You’ll walk away with a personalised organisational development toolkit that you can introduce the next day and see amazing results.

  1. Taking your potential stars to the next level

A programme that will develop your talented individuals to become leader’s for the future in your organisation and not somebody else’s! This innovative fast track programme will challenge and stretch your stars by exploring their behaviours, their skills and potential profile.


The results and outcomes from the programme will impact the individuals, their teams and the organisation.

  1. Have you ever wondered ‘why am I like that?’

Do you wish it were easier to get on with those people? When we get past reacting to the behaviour we can get on with the issues in hand! Using the TetraMap profile you will understand why you are the way you are, and why they are the way they are.


A liberating workshop for all team members to improve communication and working together

  1. Are you selecting and retaining the right people?

A programme that will coach managers to select the right people whether it be internal or external recruitment. The managers will learn how to use different selection tools- behavioural interviewing, observation of business simulations and team exercises to ensure the best ‘fit’ for the roles.

  1. On-boarding consultancy

Are you finding that some new appointments are just not hitting the ground running?  Are you losing new recruits within the first year of appointment?

Your onboarding process is one of the most important processes that attract and retain the best talent but many organisations do not have a robust programme in place.

The Results Centre evaluates businesses current process and works collaboratively to produce an onboarding programme that rivals your competitors and reduces leaver statistics.

  1. Generating a coaching culture

The Results Centre will work with you to embed a coaching culture in your organisation.

  1. Mastering stress management – one-day workshop

Managing staff’s stress is one of the most challenging roles at work.  With the right know-how, it can be the most rewarding.  Make working life as a manager easier and discover how to master it.

You’ll learn how to recognise when you and your team are under pressure, systems and processes that tackle pressure triggers, how to manage situations and walk away with a stress prevention strategy to improve performance.


Mastering stress management means that you’ll not just cope with its challenges you’ll find ways to enjoy it.  Managing people effectively helps reduce the cost of sickness, turnover and time supporting others.

  1. Handling pressure – one day workshop

With more and more expected of today’s staff, pressure can easily lead to stress and affected performance.  Understanding how to manage pressure can help performance increase organically – and make work more satisfying.

You’ll learn how to recognise when the mind and body is under pressure, how to differentiate between pressure and stress how to use pressure to your advantage and create resources to access and use daily.


Understanding the signs and effects of pressure helps to avoid stress, which means calm present people at work (and less risk of absence).  By understanding how to turn pressure into a positive, your team will channel high performance.

  1. TRC Education

TRC Education believe in the power of coaching in education to deliver amazing results – and that all school leaders, teachers and children can be great achievers.

An evidence-based approach, expertise and proven track record in coaching and developing and developing school leaders and teachers across the education system creates an amazing place for school leaders, teachers and children to be the best that they can be.

You’ll see a difference with leadership in schools, coaching development for teachers and Amazing Place to Work programmes.