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Be The Best Leader you can BE in 2016

Our top 5 leadership tips…

Inspirational leaders deliver 10-30% increased productivity* – how about investing in your own leadership skills in 2016? 

The Strengths of Great leaders are characterised by their ability to reflect and grow   Ask yourself, ‘Do the following appear in my top 10 key leadership strengths?’ 
1  Open mindedness. Collaborate with your teams, listen to new ideas and don’t be averse to change. Be a champion of new, more effective ways of working. Above all be open to being wrong and certainly not the one who has to have all the answers!

2  Be a strong role model. Live the company values and behaviours. Actively promote and mirror the standards that you set your teams – walk the talk – you’d be amazed at the number of conversations we have with senior executives who are incongruent 

3  Be a Coach – Focus on developing your employees through coaching. Be seen as the professional internal coach. Great Leaders don’t just have followers they create other leaders. More and more businesses are engaging with the benefits of executive coaching as a way of creating differentiation in the performance of their high flyers throughout the organisation.

4  Have a Vision and Share it. Communicate your ideas of the future with your whole team. By explaining the end game, employees are more motivated to fulfil their respective tasks to the best of their ability, and understand their role in reaching the company’s goals. Ask yourself the question ‘Can I go out into my business today and ask any employee what we are aiming at and get an accurate, engaged answer?’

5  Build Relationships. Strong Interpersonal skills. inspire your employees through your communication and relationship building. Ensuring your emotional Intelligence skills are enhanced will create a positive atmosphere and engage your employees.
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* The Manchester Study (2001)