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What New Year Resolutions are you making for your business life or personal life this year? And should you even distinguish between the two aspects of your life? How many of us have stood in a slightly drunken state at a New Year Party and declared X or Y as a New Year Resolution?

“I’m going to gain promotion in 2016”

“I’ll lose X kilos or lbs in weight by the end of April”

“I’m going to get fit this spring”

“I’m finally going to sort out the problems with the sales team by the end of March”

“I’m really going to create a great relationship with my boss/the rest of the Board/my team”

‘My business will grow by 20% this year despite the downturn”
Or have you gone back to work in January and held a team or board meeting with the intentions of renewed dynamism, direction and results focus only to realise that most of this new found vigour has gone off the boil by the second or third week of the new year.

How can we make 2016 a turnaround year for you and your business? If you put in place a set of stretch goals, or even just focus on achieving one extraordinary breakthrough, then you are already on track to making a real difference!

So what would make 2016 extraordinary for you and your business?

How will you go about achieving extraordinary results in 2016?

Executive Coaching can deliver highly focussed results – but don’t take our word for it – we are happy for our clients to speak for us.

What’s stopping you thinking of January 2016 as a new beginning in your existing role?

How about using the traction created by the universal dialogue (most of which is pretty empty) around ‘New Year Resolutions’ to encourage yourself to look afresh at your own career performance. What are their real levels of delivery in your current role? A good coach will focus on and challenge your goal setting and listen to the resolutions being set. But will also put in place a framework of planning, goal setting, stretching, cultural awareness and enrolment that ensures a much higher chance of real bottom-line delivery.

Everyone either makes New Year Resolutions, thinks about making them or has dialogue with others about them – so make them effective with The Results Centre Coaching.

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