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Do you have these qualities to drive change?

All leaders must have the power to transform a company; whether you have been assigned the task of radically adapting a business, or are just trying to keep up with the latest trends, you need to have the ability to drive change.

So what are the three key qualities that aid a leader in making necessary transformations?

Courage – All strong leaders need courage to go against the grain, and openly disagree with the norms within a business. Courage also allows a leader to be open and creative, and therefore able to come up with new solutions to age old problems.

Objectivity – It’s often necessary to take a step back from a problem and perceive it in a different light. People who are objective are able to reimagine how various processes and structures within an organisation could work more harmoniously and effectively. A fresh outlook can help in all manner of leadership situations.

Drive – Great leaders want to get their jobs done, ASAP. The ones that get noticed for their impact are those who act promptly, taking an idea and running with it.

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