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How can you prevent an information overload?

No matter how far up the leadership ladder you are, a major concern is how to keep track of the information given to you. Ever since the birth of email, and more recently, social media, employers have been overloaded with information (be it relevant or irrelevant), which swiftly becomes unmanageable. It’s easy to tell yourself that you will create a strict work/home life balance, but with work being so easy to access from home, who really sticks to this principle?

like, share, tweet and followA good way to prevent yourself from getting snowed under by this information is by considering your own individual needs; what types of personal, social and technology based sources of information or knowledge are absolutely vital to enhancing your skills, and which can be cut from your routine?

Ask yourself which ‘feeds’ you need to keep on top of to ensure that you stay at the top of your game and continue to stay in touch with new advances in your field. Spending your time on these select few feeds rather than trying to take in everything you see will help you go from strength to strength in your role.

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