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Achieve amazing results from an inspired workforce

Although you may have hired ‘great’ people to work for you, down the line they may lose their skills if they have not had the correct guidance and nurturing. Executive business coaching is used by many successful companies – but how many would report that their staff or departments have been transformed as a result?

Alan Denton, MD of The Results Centre is giving a talk about the outcomes and achievements he has gained for clients through such coaching. He invites you to think about the results that you would like to achieve for yourself and in your business on Thursday 3rd October, 1 Alfred Place London, WC1E 7EB starting at 18.00.

achieve-amazing-results-from-an-inspired-workforce-45After his short talk Alan will also be available to answer any questions you many have regarding developments in your business. Agnes Bamford and Helen Croft will also accompany him and they too can offer expert advice on specific areas in your workplace.

To book a place you can email