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The Results Centre is supporting Bamboozle’s 3 Peaks Challenge

The Results Centre is pleased to be supporting Bamboozle’s Three Peaks Challenge fund raising event.  Bamboozle is a charity that uses the power of theatre to transform the lives of children with learning disabilities and to enable them to interact meaningfully with the world.

The team includes parents and siblings of disabled children, Bamboozle artists and trustees, staff teams from Torr Waterfield accountants and Vanilla Recruitment, teachers as well as friends and family.

Christopher Davies, artistic director, said: “It is fantastic that we have so many people joining in this fund raising effort which involves a considerable amount of time, effort and pain(!) to do the necessary training.  Bamboozle does not receive any regular funding and with grants harder to come by we rely on fund raising efforts like this to enable us to provide activities for families who struggle to find anything suitable for their children.”

30-e1379876185118Trisha Duggan whose daughter Josie is profoundly disabled, said: “We have never experienced anything like it – there is nothing else like Bamboozle around.  It was undoubtedly one of the best experiences of Josie’s life. Children like Josie are so often excluded from activities other children take for granted.  Bamboozle focuses on what these children can do and opens up the world to them.”  Josie’s dad Garry is one of the walkers.

As Alan Bennett, Bamboozle’s patron, says:  “I know that at this particular time it’s hard to ask for donations; but this work must go on.  There can be no better cause.  We must help.  We must all help.  Please try.  Thank you.”

For more details visit here