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TRC coaches guest lecture at the University of East London on their Master Programme for Coaching in Education

TRC lectures at The University of East London

Results Centre coaches Anna Golawski and Agnes Bamford delivered lecture at the UEL on 5th May 2012 to Masters students.

They were invited to be guest lecturers at the University of East London on their Master programme for Coaching in Education. Anna and Agnes were invited to talk about Parent Coaching in an educational context and to promote their new book “Swings and Roundabouts” a self-help book for parents and those considering becoming parents, which they co-wrote with UEL Professor Irvine Gersch. The book will be published by Karnac Books in September 2012.

Anna and Agnes have also written a chapter in the new textbook “Coaching and Mentoring in Education” to be  published in July 2012.

Feedback from the students was excellent – they loved the practical coaching tips and expertise passed on by our two TRC team members. The combination of academic rigour and research into coaching methods that really do work for parents and educators and the hands-ons experience of two mums who have been there and got the tee-shirts really proved successful.