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TRC delivers intercultural coaching in Norway

Coaching in the Arctic

TRC coaching reaches new international heights in the Arctic Circle.

At the end of April TRC delivered intercultural coaching in Harstad, Norway.

TRC Cross Cultural Coach, Agnes Bamford, travelled into the Arctic Circle to deliver to an oil company executive. Agnes said of her trip, ‘Although I’m Norwegian by birth I’dnever travelled this far north. It was great to see the snow in April, frozen lakes, fjords and mountains and to meet the very friendly North Norwegian People. Whilst working in Harstad I took the opportunity to travel further north to see the spectacular Lofoten Islands – an amazing world renowned cluster of islands unique to Norway. Although it was only April it was still light at 11.30 at night and the atmosphere was so clear and still – amazingly invigorating. I’ll definitely be going back there for a holiday’s for the coaching Agnes received excellent feedback from the client and another recommendation for her cross-cultural expertise.