Wealth Management

The skills you need to be a successful Principal or Manager in Wealth Management

A personalised approach to show you the best ways of managing a team or a wealth management firm, alongside servicing your clients


Which of the following would you like to lead your wealth management team to improve?

  • Create time to be an effective leader in wealth management
  • Make internal communication clear and concise
  • Attract and retain the best talent
  • Engage staff to take on more responsibility
  • Motivate staff to take pride in their work
  • Win specialist wealth management awards
  • Improve a sense of team and togetherness
Dynamic Leadership

Improve Leadership

Just like how wealth management is about more than just figures, there is a lot more involved in managing a wealth management firm or even a department within that firm, than many wealth managers realise.

That’s where we come in.  Instead of passing up an opportunity to progress, or accepting it but sweeping your concerns or areas of uncertainty under the rug, we’ll help you to face them head on.  What was once a challenge will become an opportunity for you to shine.

Using goals that are tailored to you, our wealth management leadership training will enable you to make the changes that you need to make personally, to excel – whilst focusing on how the firm as a whole can become as successful as it can possibly be, thanks to you.

Improved decision making will improve everything you do as a senior wealth management professional.

Cultivating Talent

Wealth Management Staff Coaching

If there’s a battle for the top spot, noses out of joint or just a mixture of stress and demotivation, we give you the skills you need to turn any negativity that has taken hold within your wealth management firm, completely on its head.

Turn your staff into ambassadors for you and your wealth management firm, encouraging them to pass on learning and positivity to other colleagues.  This trickledown approach means that staff coaching and development will soon be in safe hands, leaving you to unlock your leadership potential and focus on driving the firm forwards.

Engage wealth managers to make the changes that you want to see.


Retaining Wealth Management Talent

Encouraging your staff to excel is much easier to do if you’re leading by example.

Our coaching and training strategies will help you to change the culture of your wealth management firm, so that the respect and pride that you take in working at your firm, becomes replicated throughout your staff.

Achieving this isn’t as simple as raising salaries, but we won’t just come in and tell you what you need to do.  Together, we will identify the best ways to engage and motivate staff, so that your best talent stays with you regardless of what other wealth management firms are trying to tempt them away with.

Make your business the best workplace your wealth management staff have ever known.

Rachel’s coaching was invaluable on two separate occasions, both of which coincided with important points in my career.  In one to one sessions over a few months, we worked through a number of topics and real work-place situations; developing practical strategies, where required, to deliver the targeted results.

Richard Adams, Chief Operating Officer, Capital Generation Partners

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