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How do you define Leadership?

I get asked this question daily. Leadership is open to widely different interpretations and full of confusing ideas and terminology. The descriptions, definitions and examples of leadership vary enormously. We lead when we are first given a supervisory role at work, a monarch and president are both leaders. We lead our own children in rights … Continue reading How do you define Leadership?

Choosing the best in class

Choosing the right people to be at the front of your business can be a minefield. So we thought we’d provide a free helping hand to make sure you choose the best in class… According to the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) on average less that a third of companies use assessment centres as a method … Continue reading Choosing the best in class

TRC Wheel of Engagement Model

Our Wheel of Engagement Model can be used for organisations, teams and/or individuals. The objective of the exercise is to carry out a health check on how well the organisation, the team or the individual is engaging their employees, their team members or the individual! By assessing the 8 engagement categories against the level of satisfaction … Continue reading TRC Wheel of Engagement Model