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Excellent Article – ‘Not Good Enough!’

I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve encountered this in senior executive coaching scenarios!

Headless Chickens Abound!

I remember the client case we took on in 2010 when a new hire was four months into his tenure in a very high profile role where delivery was paramount. We’d been brought in as a last ditch attempt to prevent him being fired and the merry-go-round of re-recruitment starting up again at great expense. … Continue reading Headless Chickens Abound!

Adding Charisma to a Leader!

Not all leaders are charismatic but a great leader needs to have a powerful presence and having charisma certainly helps. Alan Denton is a business coach, working with executives in all fields to help them findi their inner leader; here are his tips to become a more charismatic leader in the work place. Be passionate … Continue reading Adding Charisma to a Leader!

Recruitment is Fatally Flawed …

Go on … Prove yourself during the ‘Honeymoon’ In most walks of life there is a ‘honeymoon’ period and, for many years, new leaders and senior executives have had their ‘First three months’. Pressure to deliver in today’s business environment may well have changed this. Newly elected presidents, prime ministers, leaders in business and senior executives … Continue reading Recruitment is Fatally Flawed …

Idris Elba nails it …

Interviewed in The Sunday Times August 13th 2017 actor and director Idris Elba was quoted … “I feel like fear is a really boring waste of time. It’s a muscle. It’s an exercise. It’s pushing past the comfort zone. You can’t live a life thinking it could go bad. I could have got run over … Continue reading Idris Elba nails it …