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Recruitment is Fatally Flawed …

Go on … Prove yourself during the ‘Honeymoon’ In most walks of life there is a ‘honeymoon’ period and, for many years, new leaders and senior executives have had their ‘First three months’. Pressure to deliver in today’s business environment may well have changed this. Newly elected presidents, prime ministers, leaders in business and senior executives … Continue reading Recruitment is Fatally Flawed …

Idris Elba nails it …

Interviewed in The Sunday Times August 13th 2017 actor and director Idris Elba was quoted … “I feel like fear is a really boring waste of time. It’s a muscle. It’s an exercise. It’s pushing past the comfort zone. You can’t live a life thinking it could go bad. I could have got run over … Continue reading Idris Elba nails it …

What would flying Concorde in your Bi-Plane business look like?

Play along and WIN the Corporate Game but take some risks with your team that really stretch those Possibilities ….. Those teams with the vision, drive and creative engineering mindset who designed and built Concorde in the 1960’s lived and chose to work in a World of Possibilities. They were not constrained by the … Continue reading What would flying Concorde in your Bi-Plane business look like?

Rachel Halsall from TRC speaks at the Birmingham Chamber

Rachel Halsall will join Rachel Donath of leading law firm Mills and Reeve this Thursday the 6th April 2017 to talk about career development and more! To book your place please visit:

Ban the Elevator Pitch

I don’t understand the elevator pitch. I don’t understand how anyone attending a networking event can be anything but distracted by having a short and rehearsed speech prepared about themselves dancing around their head? Is it me? When I see people honestly connecting at networking events, it is because they are engaged in a conversation … Continue reading Ban the Elevator Pitch