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    Ian Rose

    General Manager - Marketing EMEA Armstrong Building Products

    “The Results Centre inspires those who work with them to deliver results beyond the expectations of themselves and others… they are the experts at opening people’s minds to what is possible.”

    Joel Toremans

    Division Director, PaperlinX Belgium - PaperlinX Visual Technology Solutions

    “The Results Centre are very determined to challenge boundaries and to stimulate people to evolve from standard business behaviour to differential business behaviour… by sensing situations and to coach people in transforming these situations into ‘breakthrough’ opportunities.”

    Jon Porter

    Head, Field HR Office at UNRWA, Gaza

    “The Results Centre makes a stand for their clients. We worked together to accredit our personal and business coaching skills, and I was inspired by the warmth and precision of thought. Challenging yet sensitive!”

    Rachel Donath

    Head of Learning and Development at Mills & Reeve

    “Alan is an exceptional and transformative leader and coach; integrity is his cornerstone. He drives performance, pushes for greatness, creates courageous conversations, and looks for potential in everything and everyone.”

    Nick Buckingham

    Managing Director at Colt International Ltd, UK

    “Creates a healthy discomfort in the room – it makes you think hard about what you are doing and how you are doing it”

    Neil Shaw

    VP Marketing, Europe, Africa, Middle East at Armstrong World Industries

    “The Results Centre is unique in its approach, targeted towards business goals and results. With their help, I have become the best leader I can be, stretching beyond all of my own expectations.”

    Wendy Williams

    Chair of Clatterbridge Cancer Centre at NHS Trust

    “Alan is a great coach as he gains rapport quickly, gets to the heart of the issues and helps individuals to get fantastic results. Each person he coaches reports feeling enthused and re-energised to move forward following their sessions – and importantly are able to sustain remarkable changes for the longer term.”

    Julia Meighan

    Executive Chairman at VMA Group

    “Alan is an extremely personable individual, who has the experience and gravitas required to coach aspiring managers. I would have no hesitation in recommending him.”

    Kirstin Chambers

    Senior Consultant at Hogett Bowers

    “The Results Centre Coaching is incredibly challenging – it gets you to a place of responsibility and accountability where you can really make active choices for your work and career.”

    Nick Buckingham

    Managing Director at Colt International Ltd, UK

    “Life when you have been coached by The Results Centre is always about stretching for that next goal, never being comfortable with what you have, trying something different, not being afraid of failure and ultimately being brave.”

    Mark Ferne, MAPM, RCDD

    Head of Project Delivery - Rare Energy at NG Bailey IT Services

    “The Results Centre provided me with a programme of Interim Management coaching, which stimulated my thinking and helped me focus on progressing both my career and my business.”

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      Our team has rich experience at senior executive level across diverse industries, so we have an in-depth understanding of corporate life. We are different from the rest because we’ve practiced what we teach and we know our techniques work.


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